March 20, 2015

The SunniesLook Book

The first day of spring.


My hiking pal.Not mine, but my little charge.

{So Adorable.}



Fellow Geese on Run.


And then there are my faithful running shoes. My Adizeros. I’m getting a few twinges in my lower legs, and I think they’ve served me well. Adieu, soon? Perhaps.

This weekend I am tackling a 2 miler! Excited but a little nervous. I am willing my legs to rest well today in preparation for the weekend!


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March 18, 2015

After that exultant post I had a rather bad weekend. It consistently amazes me how lazy my lungs are. I really cannot take an extra day off, ever, or my lungs relapse into that “I don’t care about working out” state that makes the next run miserable.

That miserable run was today, and I felt so off.

On the upside, I love running with my second sister. She’s encouraging, a newbie runner (although very fit–gymnast), and just plain fun. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy running behind a lovely girl who is dancing to her jams during the run?

Still searching for a half marathon to do in the fall. My guess is that it will be a local or Denver race, because the midwife side of life doesn’t really allow for travel.

Final random thought…I’m loving seeing my body change! That is one of the most encouraging things. I’m losing weight, yes, but I’m not focusing on the scale…just on the healthy lifestyle of {MOVING}. And my calves and thighs (and arms too!) are showing to the trained, searching eye (mine!) that they are adapting!

{SUCCESS STATS}: Last week ran 3x 1.5 miles each! Also PR on a 1 miler: 11:26.

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March 14, 2015


I’m still running! This is awesome!

I’m figuring out what works for me!

My lungs are no longer on fire when I run!

I CAN RUN A SOLID 1.5 MILES nonstop 3x a week!

My pushups challenge is now up to 35 pushups every night. Aiming for 40 by the end of the week. And my ankles/shins are doing splendidly!

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February 9, 2014

SnowboarderMe1I’m a snowboarder.


I did fall around 200 times (I wasn’t counting, but in the ballpark). But by the end of the second day on the slopes (mostly the bunny slope, but who’s noticing?), I was boarding with ease and linking my turns quite nicely, in my own opinion.

The amazing part of this story is that I never thought I would be a snowboarder. I never thought I would be training for a half marathon. I always subconsciously knew that I wasn’t the athletic type. That I have a slower metabolism, a propensity to gain unneeded padding, and a clumsy sense of coordination to boot.


The facts are true, but the thesis is a lie.

And I know that now. Snowboarding was so much more than just learning to ride a board, learning to link my heel edge to my toe edge, and learning enough to keep from landing flat on my back.

Learning to snowboard was about conquering my wimp. It was about realizing that God made my body perfect, and it isn’t broken. It was about understanding that my life-long mentality of myself doesn’t have to remain that way.

Snowboarding is about loving my body the way God made it. And He made it just the way He wanted it. I’m fine with that!

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February 7, 2015

PHOTO_20150119_125945-EFFECTSSo I am in week 4 of my #ABRP program, and until now it has been relatively easy. Easy no longer.


Today’s 2-mile run was a 3-min alternating walk/run, and it was a killer. One of my current issues with these longer-than-1-mile runs is that my leftover lung crap from whooping cough 2 years ago makes for some very nasty frogs that must be spit out every half mile. {MISERABLE}. Add to that the fact that my lungs are just generally very out of shape (although I will admit the 3 weeks prior of speedwalking and small bits of runninghave helped) and my wimpy lungs are what gets me every time.

On the brighter side, my shins are doing splendidly. I have been doing my exercises faithfully, especially if I feel them sore after a run, and they are feeling just fine.

To top it all off, the weather lately has been lovely. Yesterday we had an awesome high of 68 degrees!!! I ran in shorts today, and it was truly amazing.

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January 11, 2015

This is one of the most awesome inspirational videos I have ever seen. First, because I look just about like her first starting whenever I try to feel the beat. Secondly, because it shows just how much you can improve by doing a little a day! Totally coming back to this whenever I feel stuck.


Have an inspirational video to share? I would love to see it!

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January 10, 2015

Today I am starting an online journal of my running adventures. What was formerly a space for a 1,000 mile project has now become my personal space for recording my progress on these said adventures. And I am determined that they shall be adventures!


In the past I have had a very hard time of sticking to it, avoiding shin splints, and in general staying the course.

This, however, is changing. Thanks to Skinny Ms.’s Running Program for Absolute Beginners (#ABRP), I am confident that by the end of the year if not sooner, I shall be running a half marathon comfortably. {Who am I kidding? No half marathon is comfortable.}

I am running for several reasons. I run because I love the outdoors. I run to talk to God. I run to help others. I run to lose weight. I run because it is cheap–relatively. I run to become fit. I run for Jesus. I run for others. I run for myself.

As far as diet goes, I am a wimp at that too. So to start with, I have cut out processed sugar and most natural sugars too. Fruits I must have, but otherwise, no sugar. Naturally this creates a void in my diet that must be replaced with fruits, veggies, nuts, and protein.

So, here goes!


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