February 25, 2013

I am so ashamed at how sporadic my posting has been over the past several months.  My running hasn’t been much better either, to be honest.  However, with the recovery of my shins from overrunning a couple months ago, and with the completion of three runs last week with no issues, I press on to the goal line of finishing my mileage and keeping the blog more up to date.

I put a stop to the mileage I was recording because the running was so sporadic and so little, so I am now picking up where the last post left off, and today I will be running the 368th mile of the project!  We have crossed the sea between the islands and now begin our hundred-mile stretch on Palawan Island!

Thanks for sticking around to see the completion of the project! Once I have finished my mileage the blog will take on a slightly different tone but it will still be focused on running, ministries, and children.  If you are interested in sharing any running tips or ministries with our readers, please let me know!

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November 27, 2012

Day 117

Miles Run: 364 Miles

Cotabato Airport, Cotabato City, Mindanao, Philippines

I would love to have this little fellow for a running partner!

Good bye Mindanao! I can hardly  believe that this project has traveled so far.  Thanks to Ronald de Jong for providing the visual tour of the island through his camera lens, and thanks to all of you for following this leg of my journey! As I fly over the waters that separate Mindanao from other islands in the country, please prayerfully consider donating to help the little ones that Compassion International works daily with to bring to the Savior.  Meanwhile, although our financial is far from being met, I will also be sharing pictures with you of the second ministry that the project set out to support, Aloha House on Palawan Island.

The route map will now be switching to a map of Palawan island as I run the rest of the 500 miles there.  Thanks for coming along!

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November 25, 2012

Day 114

Miles Run: 356

Cotabato City, Mindanao, Philippines

Here we are on the other side of the island now! It has been an adventurous last hundred miles, to say the least, and highly irregular.  Please forgive my sporadic posting.

I hope you all have had a wonderful Thanksgiving and had a wonderful opportunity to thank the Savior for all the blessings that He so abundantly pours out on us each and every day! As we head into the holiday season, please keep those in mind who have nothing.  God has given us so much–reach out and share the blessing with another!

As far as the route goes, I am gearing up to leave Mindanao behind me and head to Palawan for our final leg of the running journey!  More coming soon as I head toward Cotabato Airport!

Photos courtesy of Ronald de Jong



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October 1, 2012

Day 106

Miles Run:  324

Pan-Philippine Highway, Sigayan Beach, Mindanao, Philippines

I am finally feeling well enough to run again!  Whooping cough is hardly something that you can deal with when running, so I had to drop the whole project for a good 7 weeks.  Thankfully, I had miles to record before I stopped, hence the furthering of the project.But now, I am back into running and greatly enjoying, via internet, the Western side of the island and the Celebes Sea.

I know I haven’t been running–I have been strangling myself just trying to keep up with life, much less running 4 miles/day.  But I am back into it now and feeling great! I will see this project through to completion, Lord willing.  Please consider donating and asking a friend to partner with you as we help precious little children over on the island of Mindanao.  Every little life counts and is precious to Jesus, and that is why I continue to make every step toward my 500-mile goal!

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August 4, 2012

Day 56

Miles Run:  224

Manolo Fortich, Sayre Highway, Mindanao, Philippines

I am only a few days of running from our first destination!  Cagayan de Oro is on the north side of the island and, as you may recall, was hit pretty hard last December by Typhoon Washi.  Compassion International reported that four centers were affected in this area from massive flooding and storms.  Thirteen sponsored children and seven Compassion workers were also killed in this catastrophe.

The money that we are currently raising, up to $3,000, is directly donated to Compassion International’s Highly Vulnerable Children’s Fund, to help children recover from disasters such as this one.  As we head closer to Cagayan de Oro, would you help me spread the word so that we can reach our August goal of $2,000?  Tweet about it,  mention it on Facebook, blog about it, or just put up one of our badges on your blog to show your support.  Thank you!


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July 31, 2012

Day 53

Miles Run:  212

Sayre Highway, Mindanao, Philippines

So with all the slow progress I’ve made over the past month, I thought it high time to share with you all Murphy’s Law for Runners…

And my personal addition…

When you set a mileage goal for the week, inevitably you will be called to three overnight births in that time period…and will crash into bed at the time you should be preparing for your morning run.

What’s your favorite?  Or your personal addition?  I’d love to hear them!

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July 23, 2012

Day 50

Miles Run:  200!

Sayre Highway, Mindanao, Philippines

This little gal is so beautiful.  I wonder about her background.  Where does she live?  What is her family like?  Does she go to school?  She’ll never know mine, either.  But that is one of the neat things about the project.  It takes faith to realize that each footstep I put into the project, every mile I run, and every dollar you give, will make a difference in the lives of children in the Philippines.

For more information on where your money is currently going to help these orphans and highly vulnerable children, visit here.  Until we reach our first goal of $3,000, all money is donated to Compassion International’s Highly Vulnerable Children’s Fund.  After this goal has been met, we will be giving the next $3,000 to Aloha House.  The final $4,000 will be donated to Compassion International’s Batong Buhay Child Survival Center.

Would you help a little one like her?  Just $5 will help make a difference in a life like hers. 

Thank you to everyone who has so generously given!

Photo courtesy of Ronald de Jong

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July 5, 2012

Day 44

Miles Run:  176

Sayre Highway, Mindanao, Philippines

Harking back to why we run

I run because these feet and sneakers are what the Creator has given me to bless others with.  The method, if you will, of reaching the undertrodden around the globe.  I run because I love orphans.  I love running.  Easy enough, right?


One of the reasons I run so hard isn’t so pretty.  Not a reason I run, but a reason why I run so hard.

To prove myself.

That’s right, to prove to myself that I can run, that I can make it.  My own willpower.  And to prove to my sister, my dog, and my Jesus that I’m good at running long distances.

Isn’t it true that just the fact that I am running is pleasing His heart?  That no matter how hard I push myself, He will be glorified in my heart and in my legs by the simple fact that I am created to move and I am created for His pleasure?

Push myself, yes.  But don’t glory in the fact that I pushed myself to that stop sign.  He doesn’t approve of me or this entire project on the basis of how far I run, but rather on the fact that He shed His precious blood for my dirty feet.

He loves me no matter what.

And that is a precious attribute of the King of Glory.

May we all run for His glory, as a heart-way to worship Him, and for that alone.

Want to show an orphan a tangible love that could change their life?  Just $13 will help a precious Filipino find the Savior and will provide for their immediate needs.  Join me on their behalf?


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June 21, 2012 ~Link of the Week!~

Day 43

Miles Run:  152

Maramag, Sayre Highway, Mindanao, Philippines

This little city of Maramag is inhabited by only 90,000 people, an average of 30,000 families.  The city is so named because of large flat stones in the vicinity that have been used for centuries as a picnic ground by friends and foes alike.  “Maramag” is essentially the shortened version of “Let us eat breakfast here.”

Such a city would hardly be considered anything but a peaceful one,  by the name.  Political feuds with local tribes and wealthy landowners, however, have turned this area into a poverty-stricken community.  Many native former farmers have been forced off their lands as the local government has given it over to landlords to export crops.
Please pray for this community as they endeavor to gain back their property and raise food for their families.  I, too, am sending a prayer to the throne as I pass by in my sneakers.


And now for our Link of the Week!  While my feet have been running hither and yon around Mindanao, I must say that my mind has traveled to the furthest corners of the earth.  Here then, is our first link of the week!

noonday collection

Started by a prospective adoptive mom to raise money for her Rwandan adoption.  Selling chic jewelry and fashion accessories made by impoverished women around the globe.  What’s not to like?

If you find something you like, do let me know!  And if you purchase it and make it the star of your fashion statement, send me a picture!  I’d love to see more girls wearing fashion that benefits other girls around the globe!

p.s. I want to start this kind of business…maybe someday.

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June 4, 2012

Day 30

Miles Run:  120!!!!

Sayre Highway/Digos Sultan Dugarat Road, Mindanao, Philippines

My Kids’ View of the Route

My view, if I squint hard enough :)

What are you running for?  Taking a brief glance at other running blogs, there are plenty of reasons out there…

For glory.

For health.

For looks.

For others.

For Jesus.

What are you running for?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Thanks for following my journey!

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